About US

Partitions Systems International of South Carolina, PSISC®, was founded in Columbia, South Carolina and since 1981, has been a leading manufacturer of Phenolic and PolyLife® (HDPE) Toilet Partitions. Over the years, PSISC® has expanded by adding Stainless Steel Partitions and Powder Coated Steel Partitions. In addition, PSISC® also offers top of the line Phenolic and PolyLife® Lockers. To complete the brand, PSISC has an excellent line of Washroom Accessories and Hand Dryers that includes, the Columbia Vortex also known as “The No Clothes Required” Hand Dryer. We extend our southern hospitality by encouraging you to check out PSISC® as well as our top of the line Partitions, Lockers and Washroom Accessories.

PSISC® Mission Statement “Our mission is to supply the right restroom partitions, lockers and washroom accessories at a fair price and to ship the job on time and to the right place with no mistakes.